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Terms & Conditions
  • These are the minimum Terms & Conditions set by the Government of Pakistan.

  • Period of Contract: Minimum one (1) year

  • Probation Period : 30 to 90 days or as per the labor laws of the country.

  • Working Hours : 8 hours per day, maximum 12 hours per day with, Additional 4 hours paid as overtime. (1 day weekly off)

  • Transportation : Free transportation is to be provided by the employer from residence to work place.

  • Accommodation : As per labor laws of the country.Food : As per labor laws of the country.

  • Insurance : Social Security / Insurance Employment to be covered at the cost of the employer according to the labor laws of the employment country

  • Leaves / Vacation : Vacation leave per year as per labor laws of the country.

  • Sickness leave : Sickness leave as per labor laws of the country.

  • Dead Bodies : Dispatch to homeland due to serious injuries etc will be made to Pakistan at employer’s expenses.
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