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Romania Work Permit Stamping Procedure in Pakistan

Step-1 - Recruitment Procedure:

Recruitment process can starts after receiving the following document from foreign Employer / Sponsor or through any sourcing company…

  • Authorization Letter – (Authorizing to our agency for recruitment)
  • Manpower Demand Letter - (Manpower requirements letter from Employer)

Above documents should be attested from: Employer / Notary Office / Foreign Office and Pakistan’s Embassy in your Country.

The following Steps to be followed to legalize, or validate the Manpower Demand Letters in our country’s from Protectorate of Emigrants Office as per our Jurisdiction – Rawalpindi / Pakistan.

-Permission (authorization) from the Protectorate of Emigrants Pakistan (It will take 7 days maximum, if all documents are genuine, and authenticated from authorities)

  • Above documents once we received  ORIGINAL through DHL from the Employer OR through our sourcing company, and then we will submit to the Protector of Emigrants Government of Pakistan office, for necessary registration / Permission to RECRUIT the manpower from our country by advertisement, and to get the Registration after endorsement of visa by the Embassy.

Step-2 - Medical Checkup, it will take 3 to 4 days,

After final selection we send the workers / candidates for medical checkup by the authorized medical center of the respective Embassies of the country of employment.

Step-3 - Visa Stamping from Romanian Embassy

Duration for the completion of the whole procedure is as under:

  • -Once work permit is ready and have a hard copy
  • -Have to apply online for appointment, it will take 3 days
  • -Documents will be validated by the Romanian Authorities after applying; it will take 7 to 30 days as per their procedure without our any influence.
  • -Once documents validated, it will be confirmed by email with file number then have to -select the convenient day for an interview to appear in Romanian Embassy, it will take 1 or 2 days

On the day of Interview, fee paid along with below listed documents 

  • Original Passport – (From candidate)
  • Work Permit (from Employer)
  • Employment Contract / Job offer Letter (from Employer)
  • Guarantee Letter (from Employer)
  • Letter to Romania Embassy – (from Employer)
  • Travel Insurance – (from candidate)
  • Airline Booking – (from candidate)
  • Picture – (candidate)
  • Polio Vaccination Card (from candidate)
  • Police Character Certificate -  (from candidate)

Finally, have to wait 15 to 35 days (depends on embassy)

ONCE VISA STAMPED, below procedure will start from our agency

Step-4 – Protectorate Registration (Authorizing to the workers can travel abroad for an employment)

We will submit all above documents to Protectorate of Emigration office for registration along with necessary Government Fees mentioned departments.

  • -Protector Registration fees its compulsory:-
  • -Government Insurance for death claim, while stay abroad
  • -National Bank Registration fee
  • -Government Welfare fee
  • -O.E.C Fee:
  • -Protector Registration fee on shape of Bank Certificate
  • -PRA Sales Tax

After Endorsement of visa and after paying necessary fees mentioned above, we will apply online and they will paste sticker on the passport, it will take 3 to 5 days maximum.

Step-5 – Travelling

After completion of above procedure we will book seat as per employer’s receiving date

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