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Visa processing Timeframe:

Duration for the completion of the whole procedure is as under:

It’s estimated working days: 60 days

The documents by the Embassy in Pakistan: 4 to 5 days

The documents to be processed by the Ministry of Labor Government of Pakistan: 2 to 3 days

Planning for the declaration in the press leading national daily newspapers: 3 days

Interviews / consultation with candidate: 6 days

Completion of the trade tests: 3 days.

Completion of the medical tests: 3 days.

Submission of the documents into the embassy in Pakistan to endorsement or past visa: 30 days.

Registration / authorization from the Ministry of Labor Government of Pakistan: 2 days

Registration endorsement from the Protector of Emigrants Government of Pakistan: 2 days

Confirmation & arrangement for the flights booking and timely distributing the same to the candidate’s: 3days
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