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Recruitment Procedure in Pakistan For all countries

Permission for Processing Foreign Manpower Recruitment Demand
On receipt of manpower requirement’s demand from abroad (out of country), the OEP (Overseas Employment Promoter) shall apply to the Protector of Emigrants on a prescribed forms attach therewith demand document i.e.

-Power of Attorney for manpower recruitment from Pakistan
-Demand Letter for Manpower recruitment from Pakistan

(Accordingly attested by any one of the following department)

-Notary of the host country or country of the employer’s
-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country or country of the employer’s
-Embassy of Pakistan in the host country or Embassy of Pakistan in the employer’s country

The demand letter must specify job description such as categories of workers required, number of jobs against each category,

Terms and conditions of the service and qualification / experience, if required, for each post
Power of attorney and Demand Letter combined will also be accepted in case it is duly attested by any of the authorities mentioned above.

Visa slip / Labour approval duly verified shall also be submitted along with the demand documents. In case visa slip / Labour approval is not available, then OEP shall submit an Undertaking that the jobs are available with employer(s) and he shall be liable for action against him under the emigration laws if it is not proved otherwise.

The Overseas Employment Promoter can apply to Protector of Emigrants for GRANT OF PERMISSION from Protector of Emigrants as per his jurisdiction for recruitment.

The Protector of Emigrants will acknowledge the receipt of such application and shall dispose it off on the same day before closing hours. In case of any objection on the relevant documents i.e. power of attorney, demand letter visa slip etc the same will be conveyed to the Overseas Employment Promoter in writing on the same day.

Every permission, granted shall be entered in a register or computerized and allotted a unique number (with date) in sequence in a calendar year. Permission will be valid for a period of 120 days, will be extendable on the request of OEP.
In case permission is not granted by the Protector of Emigrants shall record the reasons thereof on application form and return to Overseas Employment Promoter on the same day.

The Overseas Employment Promoter may file an appeal with the Director General against the decision of Protector of Emigrants and the decision of Director General on such appeal shall be final.

Thank you,
Javed Akhtar
OEP / Proprietor
-Aaqib Overseas Employment, License No. 2622/RWP
-R TO – Rawalpindi - Tax Number: 2577560-0
-Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce RCCI: Registration No.AM-9304
-POEPA, Association, Registration No. RWP-311
-Website: www.aaqiboverseas.com
-E-mail: info@aaqiboverseas.com
-E-mail: aaqiboverseas@yahoo.com
-WhatsApp Cell No.: +92 301 7164851
-Office Telephone No.: +92 51 4906956
-OEP / Proprietor’s Name: Javed Akhtar (Mr.)

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